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Comments from readers:

"What a tremendous read … it was hard for me to put the book down." J.E.

"It is, indeed, a wonderful "read". N.W.

"I just wanted you to know that I absolutely loved it … your writing style grabbed my attention." B.P.

"…it was great! I was glued to it till I finished it, and then I was wishing it was longer." J.L.

"The quality of writing the story thread from start to finish—true and frank descriptions but tastefully done— all are top notch." S.L.

"Actually, once I picked it up to read it was hard to set down. Very excellent writing skills I appreciate your work and know that this book will minister to many military men and women, as well as others." D.F.

"To read about the SEAL training and work was so interesting … I like the way it is written with thoughts that flow well from one to the next. I've raved about it to several people…" C.L.

"I was in total awe during most of it … anyhow; it was a fun book to read." M.M.

"I did not put it down until I finished reading it!" M.K.

"I just finished reading your book, Tommy. I am not a big reader and have never completely read a whole book all the way. I have to say though, that your book was quite addicting, cause I could not put it down." G.O.

"He (my son) swiped my copy and carried it with him all the time to school, etc., reading whenever he got a chance. Several times he told me, ‘Dad, this is the best book I have ever read!’" R.L.

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