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 Shark! The piercing yell sent chills coursing through each of the thirty swimmers.  Tommy slammed his facemask below the surface, eyes probing for the grey predator.  They still had four miles to go.

Water  Was it a fatal attraction?  His grave or his element?

Hunger  Hunger for a father who wasn’t there.  Hunger for food to fill his stomach.  Hunger to prove his self-worth.  Hunger to fill the emptiness -- looking in all the wrong places.

Warrior  Molded into a commando by the famed BUD/S training, Tommy became skilled in the art of war -- from knives to nukes, from firefights in the Mekong Delta to piloting miniature submarines in frigid Northwest waters.

Saved  Death was all around him, yet Tommy was spared over and over, only to discover in the end, he needed saving one   more time.

A candid autobiography of the making of a Navy SEAL that grips hard and doesn't let go. The furious tornado of the turbulent 60's sucks Tommy into an uncontrollable maelstrom of violence and chaos. His response is to push the pedal of life to the floor and drive it wide open. The military saves him from his environment but can it save him from himself?

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